Kevin and Jess in boardroom

Graduate Recruitment Team

Kevin Maloney
Graduate recruitment is a vital aspect of the Firm’s development as we need to continually attract passionate, enthusiastic and talented people who will contribute to its future success. So it isn’t a cliché to say trainees are the future of the Firm and I really enjoy leading the Team in the challenge we have of choosing the right trainees from the many high-quality people who apply to us. It’s fantastic to meet so many enthusiastic people who want a career in law and with Muckle in particular, and it’s also very rewarding to see trainees develop and progress their careers with us.
Kevin Maloney
Beth Thompson
Having only recently qualified, I remember how stressful and daunting the recruitment process and gaining a training contract can be. The graduate recruitment process at Muckle seemed to me to be a bit more fun and I felt we were given an opportunity to let our personalities shine through. I was really keen to get involved in the graduate recruitment team to meet a variety of different people and to help find the enthusiastic and intelligent individuals who would contribute to the great working environment here at Muckle.
Beth Turner
James Armstrong
Muckle has always prided itself on the advice and service it gives to its clients. The quality of advice and service we can offer is entirely dependent upon the quality of the people who are employed by the Firm to provide it. The process of recruiting new trainees is therefore critical to ensuring the future success of the business and I enjoy being involved in that task. In particular I like meeting the increasingly diverse range of applicants who apply to us for training contracts. As someone who went through the graduate recruitment process at Muckle, and who has subsequently been here for almost ten years, I believe I know what we are looking for in   a trainee, and also what prospective trainees are looking for from us. So it’s good to think I can apply that knowledge to assist in making a valuable contribution to the future of the Firm.
James Armstrong
Kate Newman
Muckle places great emphasis and takes pride in its people and its culture, therefore it is important that we find the right individuals who will fit well with the Firm, and who have the skills to develop what we do and grow our team. Being on the Graduate Recruitment Team means that I can take part in the process of finding the right people to join the team here at Muckle. Having applied to Muckle in 2011 and gone through the recruitment process, including a week long summer vacation placement (following some initial work experience in the Real Estate team whilst at School), I was very interested in getting involved in the Graduate Recruitment Team so that I can use the experience that I have had to help future candidates.
Kate Newman
Matt Walsh
One of great things about the legal profession is that every year firms are refreshed with new, enthusiastic graduates; each bringing their own style, perspective and ideas. Every candidate has their own personality and I think it’s important for them and the firm that they join that their characteristics are complementary. We want to make sure that the people who join us can get everything that they want from their training experience. From our perspective, we want to train lawyers who will love what they do and enjoy working here. In the graduate recruitment team we have a fantastic opportunity to meet and get to know some of the best graduates and help them with one of the most important decisions in their career.
Stephanie Kyne
One of the main highlights of Muckle is its culture and its interest in people (clients, business partners and employees) and I really enjoy being part of the Muckle Graduate Recruitment Team to meet and help like-minded graduates who want to be a part of the Muckle culture.  The application process for a training contract gets harder each year and I find it rewarding to be one of the team members who tries to support and encourage graduates throughout.
Stephanie Coulson
Sam Roberts
I was keen to be involved with graduate recruitment as I love meeting new people who are passionate and genuinely excited about starting their legal career. As a trainee I enjoyed attending University law fairs, school careers events and networking with people who have an interest in a career in law and who want to work at Muckle. The graduate recruitment process can be daunting, however Muckle prides itself on ensuring that it is as stress-free as possible, as we want to get the best out of you! The best part of the job is meeting interesting people, with a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. Muckle has a great culture and wants to recruit the best people, who will thrive and develop their careers here beyond qualification, and I am excited to be part of that process.
The process of securing a Training Contract with the right firm can be a very daunting experience for Graduates. Having gone through that experience myself, being part of the Graduate Recruitment Team at Muckle allows me to engage with new people and provide assistance to Graduates by making the application process as smooth and relaxed as possible. The Muckle culture is very refreshing and unique, therefore, it is necessary for our Trainee’s to have the right personality and attitude. It is very rewarding to be part of the recruitment process to ensure that the right candidates are selected for the role.
Although it is a number of years since I was applying for training contracts, I am still young enough to remember how daunting it is. I am very enthusiastic about being back involved in this process but from the other side of the desk! When interviewing I really hope that I can make the candidates feel at ease and, if at all possible, to enjoy the process. The culture at Muckle is incredibly friendly, and all about letting different personalities shine, and so our application process should reflect this.  Also as an employment lawyer, it is incredibly useful for me to get involved in the practical sides of human resources and recruitment. It would be a shame if I advised on these processes, including equal opportunities and diversity, but never put my knowledge into practice myself!
Frances Cameron