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Graduate recruitment

The most important choice you can make when you’re setting out on your career is which firms do you apply to. After all, there are plenty of them out there. But if you’re ambitious, hungry and above all intelligent, you might as well set your sights high and try to get your foot in all the right doors. This is where, we like to think, we come in.

At Muckle we are always looking to the future and planning how we will continue to grow and succeed. As well as hanging on to the people we think are outstanding, attracting new talent is, of course, a key component of that strategy. So to make sure the best people come knocking on our door instead of someone else’s, we not only invest our money in providing one of the finest training contract programmes there is, we also invest our time in supporting and developing trainees who we think might have a bright future. We even put links to their Twitter feeds right here on our website so they can share their experiences with the outside world (and, of course, get the word out to other bright prospects).

The dates for our application processes are set out on the Key Dates page. Applications can only be made using our online application form, we don’t accept applications by CV.

If you’ve got any questions at all, please contact Kevin Maloney in our Graduate Recruitment team or email us.

We’re already looking forward to hearing from you.