Shareholder Arrangements & Joint Ventures

We can help with shareholder arrangements for private companies, joint ventures and companies with an institutional or business angel investor. These are:

  • share options;
  • cross options;
  • dividend schemes;
  • shareholder protection schemes (insurance-backed schemes providing for an exit for the estate of a deceased shareholder);
  • company share buy-backs;
  • capital reduction schemes; and
  • and share incentive schemes.

And for individuals contemplating sharing resources, spreading risks, or gaining access to complementary strengths using joint venture arrangements, we can provide expert advice that’s designed to protect your interests. Here are the types of structures our expertise can cover:

  • informal contractual arrangements;
  • partnerships;
  • limited partnerships;
  • LLPs;
  • Companies;
  • complex syndicate agreements; and
  • sophisticated structures and entities, including those with an international element.

When disputes arise between shareholders and companies our Dispute Resolution Group can offer a range of practical options to restore peace and order, both quickly and effectively.

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