Solicitor Apprentices

Jake Thompson

Solicitor Apprentice

Jake is the newest apprentice to join Muckle, starting in September 2019 through NESA. He came straight from sixth form and, although taking Law as a subject at A level, he has no previous education in Real Estate or land law. Despite this, he is thoroughly enjoying tackling a new challenge and being in a professional environment for the first time, as well as studying for his law degree. He has found that the transition from college to full time work has been much easier than expected with everyone being so willing to help when needed.

His first seat has been in the Real Estate team, where he has settled in nicely in such a short amount of time.

Away from the office, Jake enjoys going to the gym regularly in order to (a) keep fit, and (b) justify eating the ridiculous amount of takeaways and junk food he has. Other than that, he also enjoys spending time with the people who matter to him the most as he believes that a good set of friends and family is the root of all happiness.


Jake Thompson