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Financial Institutions

One thing a lot of people comment on about Muckle is that we like to do things our own way. Frankly, we’re glad they’ve noticed, and consider their observations to be a compliment.

Take our Financial Institutions Disputes Team as an example of what they mean. When we saw an opportunity in late 2012 to bring its members here from Northern Rock, we didn’t hold back. And today their sector knowledge enables us to provide what is a truly unique offering for financial services and banking clients across a wide spectrum of areas. These incorporate:

  • regulatory investigations and enforcement;
  • commercial lending recoveries;
  • fraud, professional negligence;
  • injunctive relief;
  • complaints, title rectification;
  • consumer credit issues;
  • product mis-selling;
  • debt management process;
  • complex enforcement;
  • discharge of security in error;
  • LPA receiver appointments; and
  • insurance disputes.

However, it isn’t just our depth of our collective expertise that makes us such a valued partner for our clients. We also genuinely understand the unique pressures felt by in-house legal teams, for the simple reason we are one ourselves. So we fully appreciate the need to ensure a balance between operational drivers and the management of legal risks and work alongside our clients towards shared objectives to deliver the right outcomes for them every time.

Key Contact

Susan Howe

Partner and Head of Dispute Resolution

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