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Podcast: Doing data post-Brexit

Podcast: Doing data post-Brexit

Published: 17th Dec 2020

First we prepared for GDPR. Then Brexit. Now it’s time to prepare for how leaving the EU affects GDPR and data protection in the UK. But GDPR is an EU legal requirement so why do we need to worry about it post Brexit?

On the face of things, not a lot will change. After the end of the transition period GDPR will form part of UK law, but there will be adjustments to make sure it works effectively from 1 January 2021.

And it’s those adjustments that you will need to be aware of, particularly if you exchange data with Europe.

What happens to GDPR post-Brexit? Are the rules around data protection changing? What do businesses need to do to stay compliant?

These are just some of the grey areas our data protection experts, partner Alex Craig and solicitor Samantha Roberts clear up in this straightforward chat about the various scenarios businesses may face in 2021.

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