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Podcast: 10 tips to get your business Brexit-ready

Podcast: 10 tips to get your business Brexit-ready

Published: 7th Dec 2020

It’s hard to prepare for something when you don’t exactly know what’s coming. Brexit is one of those things, but there are still lots that businesses can do to adapt before the end of the transition period.

In this quick podcast, commercial lawyers Luke Donockley and Robin Adams share their top tips for getting your business ready for Brexit.

Where are the best places to do your research? How should you assess risks? What should you be saying to customers, employees and suppliers? What should you look out for in your contracts? Stream the podcast to pick up some practical tips on all of this and more.

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For more information, contact Robin Adams at [email protected] or 0191 211 7949. And for our next instalment, follow the podcast series on SpotifyBuzzsprout and other platforms.

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