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Podcast: Your post-Brexit contracts – here’s the deal

Podcast: Your post-Brexit contracts – here’s the deal

Published: 30th Nov 2020

What will Brexit do to commercial contracts? That’s what contract specialists Robin Adams and Luke Donockley, solicitors in our commercial team, explore in this podcast.

Robin says: “What we really need to consider is, how might Brexit affect the contractual terms of UK businesses?

"We’re approaching a radical change in the UK’s relationship with Europe and this might change the way in which a particular contract operates. For example, border controls and delays or regulatory changes may end up causing financial hardship and costing businesses money.

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“It’s important for businesses to look at what contracts they have currently and what they might want to put into future contracts to protect themselves," adds Robin.

“There are many ways in which withdrawing from the EU can impact businesses and their commercial contracts, and in this podcast there are a number of practical suggestions that hopefully will help businesses be better prepared now and in the future.”

For more information, contact Robin Adams at [email protected] or 0191 211 7949. And for our next instalment, follow the podcast series on SpotifyBuzzsprout and other platforms.

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