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Podcast: Key Brexit concepts

Podcast: Key Brexit concepts

Published: 25th Nov 2020

In this first of a series of podcasts dedicated to the subject, commercial lawyers and Brexit buffs Robin Adams and Luke Donockley discuss the key concepts in the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.

Luke explains how our relationship with the Single Market, the Customs Union and World Trade Organisation rules will be affected.

For anyone in need of a straightforward, brief and business focused explanation of where we are in our Brexit journey, this podcast is for you.

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What will a free trade agreement with the EU look like? What will trading on WTO rules actually involve and how will company costs, supply chains and quality control be affected?

“Right now, it’s as easy to deal with a business in Poland as it is with a business in Ponteland, but we know that stands to change come 1 January 2021,” says Luke.

“So in this podcast we explain some of the key concepts to help businesses prepare for the end of the transition period by sharing some legal insight on what it will mean for products, services, suppliers and customers.”

For more information, contact Luke Donockley at [email protected] or 0191 211 7982. And for our next instalment, follow the podcast series on SpotifyBuzzsprout and other platforms.

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