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Muckle featured at Cumbria Chamber's Directors' Forum talk on AI and automation

2nd Apr 2024 | Commercial Law | Digital & Technology | Intellectual Property
Tom justice, lawyer at Muckle LLP standing in front of a large projector screen with a presentation on it saying AI and the Law

We were delighted to take part in the Cumbria Chamber of Commerce's directors' forum talk on AI and automation.

For the first time this year, the forum met on Wednesday, 27 March, at the Halston in Carlisle for an event on the theme of AI and automation and how businesses can use new technology to boost productivity.

Guest speakers at the event included Darren Jenkinson and Liz Hardwick from DigiEnable and Tom Justice, Associate Solicitor at Muckle.

Tom delivered the first half of the talk discussing legal considerations to be aware of when using AI, around IP, insurance and cyber security risks, as well as UK and EU regulations surrounding AI and landmark cases.  Tom previously discussed the role of AI and Intellectual Property.

Improvements through automation

Tom then handed over to Darren and Liz who led a session on using AI and automation to enhance productivity and reduce operational costs.

Members in groups engaged in lively discussions around workflows in their own businesses and how these could be improved by introducing AI.

The session also covered various AI tools for gathering reviews and communicating with customers and had guests interacting with an AI chatbot.

Since its launch in 2021, the forum has brought local business people together for events, including talks from leading entrepreneurs and industry experts, site tours, social functions and roundtable discussions.

Throughout this year, forum members will have access to a calendar of networking events covering key business topics, including sustainability, robotics, the economy, and branding and customer service.

Full details of all upcoming events can be found on Cumbria Chamber’s website.

For more information on the issues surrounding AI or any other copyright, patent, or intellectual property query, please get in touch with Tom Justice on 0191 211 7913 or email [email protected].


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