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    December 2018
  • Post-Brexit Premier League

    It’s widely considered to be World’s most entertaining football division, but what will the Premier League look like after Brexit? Muckle LLP solicitors George Smith and John Devine, review the possibilities for elite clubs, players and supporters.

  • New landmarks on the data protection horizon

    Data protection expert Gillian Scribbins, of Muckle LLP, examines if we are now too quick to report data breaches.

  • New process for charity registrations

    Considering charity status? Some important changes were introduced in November, so we’ve broken down the details to make it easier to understand how they affect you.

  • Share your facilities, boost your income

    Thinking about raising funds by sharing your existing space with another sports club that wants to use your facilities? Here are your options…

  • Lease or licence – what’s the difference?

    Have you been told your club has a licence to use a certain area where some other clubs have leases? Find out more about your rights here.

    July 2018
  • Club don’t live here, anymore

    Have you been told to leave your premises for breaching your lease? Don’t panic, you might have more control over the situation than you think.