Construction & Engineering

While most construction, engineering, infrastructure and related projects are completed without so much as a squabble, if a proper dispute does break out there really is no one better to have on your side than us. With so much experience and knowledge to call upon, clients can be sure we’ll have the know-how to get things straightened out appropriately and cost effectively, whether the project is based in the UK or overseas.

Led by Keith Bishop, who is dual-qualified as a solicitor in Scotland as well as England/Wales, our team can provide crucial advice on everything from UK adjudications to major international arbitrations and dispute resolution boards. However, where things are running smoothly and everyone wants it to stay that way, we work closely with clients to provide practical guidance from project inception, through the procurement and tender stages (including OJEU), to funding, completion and beyond.

Keith Bishop

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Keith Bishop

Partner and Head of the Construction and Engineering Team

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