Real Estate

Jason Wainwright

Managing Partner

25 years qualified

If there’s one thing Jason loves about his work it’s a really complex transaction. By using his comprehensive knowledge of the commercial property market, particularly its current threats and opportunities, he is able to provide clear, pragmatic and creative solutions to the knotty real estate transactional issues being faced by his clients.

Jason joined the Muckle ranks in 2005, but before that his appetite for intricate problems was nurtured at Arriva plc, where he dealt with contract negotiation, financing, employment and IP issues, as well real estate acquisitions, corporate acquisitions and disposals, and leasing. These days, however, as Managing Partner he is responsible for the management of the firm, where the insight he has gained into our clients’ needs allows him to play a pivotal role in resourcing and managing workflows. Jason is also a driving force behind Muckle’s desire to promote a first-class service for our clients.

Bearing all of the above in mind, it is perhaps no wonder that Chambers & Partners stated, ‘Jason is held in high regard for his ability to develop strong working relationships with clients.’ His ‘quick thinking avoided further delays and resolved a problem’ was noted by one source.’

As well as a talent for problem-solving, Jason also has a gift for languages and spent six months in Chicoutimi, Quebec teaching English and then a further six months in Kharkov in the Soviet Union (now Ukraine), learning Russian and teaching English. What spare time he has is taken up with his family, mostly in the role of taxi driver, but also watching movies and walking the Northumberland coastline. Occasionally, you can also find Jason listening to French-Canadian radio and watching the films most other people hate – namely ‘world cinema.’ He loves the outdoors, but especially the ‘kit,’ and enjoys going to the gym in what he describes as a ‘zoned out/not making much effort/listening to the iPod’ kind of a way.

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Jason Wainwright