Private Client

Hugh Welch

Senior partner

Over 30 years qualified

The majority of Hugh’s 30-year experience as a partner at Muckle, and senior partner since 2007, derives from his role as a corporate lawyer, primarily in the private company arena. That experience has given him a detailed knowledge of the issues associated with share ownership in private family companies and, in particular, with some of the challenges associated with passing shares from one generation to the next. Hugh works very closely with his colleagues in the Private Client Team, guiding this aspect of their work, while his general involvement with the Team is linked to his role as senior partner, and is intended to emphasise the importance which the firm attaches to this area of our work.

As well as being committed to providing Muckle’s clients with the best possible support and service in this sector, Hugh is also a committed marathon runner and to date you could have spotted him pounding the streets of cities such as Dubai, Rome and Dublin and, bizarrely, around the shores of Loch Ness.

Hugh Welch