Annik Young

Corporate Compliance Assistant

A member of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators, Annik joined Muckle in September 2006 from another large, regional commercial law firm. She specialises in a wide range of corporate compliance issues, including the administration and formation of various types of companies, and is responsible for providing a bespoke and comprehensive range of compliance and administration services for a diverse number of clients. These include private and public companies, companies limited by guarantee, real estate management companies, charitable companies and LLPs.

Among Annik’s many talents are the ability to maintain statutory books, prepare and file annual returns, prepare and file documents that make changes to the structure of a company, prepare board and annual general meeting minutes, as well as deal with day-to-day company business. She also provides corporate health checks for companies – a service which is especially popular with newly appointed managers or before a major strategic event. This involves Annik reviewing the company’s statutory records to check that all its statutory obligations have been complied with and ensuring there are no issues that could cause it future problems.

And as she also acts as company secretary for clients, and provides a registered office address for the company or a service address for its directors, we aren’t altogether sure how Annik finds time to go on skiing trips. But she does – as many times as work permits every winter.

Annik Young