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Muckle LLP has Christmas all tied up

13th Dec 2016 | Corporate Finance
Muckle LLP has Christmas all tied up

Christmas may be a couple of weeks away but at Muckle we don't hang around.

As part of our continued efforts with all things Green, we have collected, combined and created a spectrum of splendour in the shape of our Muckle Christmas tree.

Tying our colours to the tree

Consisting of 151 neck ties, donated by our people and taking a total of 1.5 hours to build, we think this tree is to-tie-for. Not only does it allow us to upcycle, creating something out of unwanted materials, but also recycle by giving the ties to charity post-Christmas.  Thanks once again our Green Team for all their efforts in the design and build. To see a short time lapse video of the build, click here.

Knotty about our environment

We can always think greener, especially during the festive season. Making a few small changes can help save energy, reduce waste and help reduce landfill.

Since 2007 we've been thinking green.  This year's achievements have included:

 For more information on our environmental achievements check out our latest 'Let's think Green' annual report.

Mannequin Challenge ties us down

Check out our #MannequinChallenge below and decide whether this year's creation is the outright winner or tied neck and neck with last year's tree.

Cast your vote via Twitter @MuckleLLP and include #GoodTiedings

If you would like best practice tips and techniques for your business, please contact our Green Team on 0191 211 7777.

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