Muckle Offices

Being a responsible business

At the heart of the whole, unique Muckle view on life lies a genuine passion for our region and a profound desire to have a positive impact on the communities in which we all live and work.  Being a Responsible Business is therefore core to what makes us us, and over the past few years it has driven the development of our corporate responsibility programme, with five main components shaping it.

Our charitable trust
Each and every year we donate a sum equal to 1% of the Firm’s profits to our charitable fund, which is managed for us by the Community Foundation. Grants are then made from the fund to support a wide variety of local projects and charities. However, these go predominantly to charities that are for whatever reason close to the hearts of people in the Muckle team, or their families. We have also committed to match-funding any individual and charitable fundraising effort undertaken by any of our people.

You can view our Muckle LLP and Grassroots funds Impact Report for 2017, which details the contributions we have made.

Our pro bono work
Many charities could of course never afford to use our services. So we provide those we think are most deserving with unpaid legal work, and during 2016 we helped over 60 of them, donating time and advice that would otherwise have cost in excess of £100,000.

Paid leave
As well as the unpaid legal work we undertake, our people are all actively encouraged to take on worthwhile external roles. This can be in positions such as trustees, school governors, or volunteers, and each year we challenge everybody to take up to four half days paid leave so they can be involved with whatever charitable work they wish.

Folks in Newcastle’s West End
During 2015 and working alongside Skillsbridge we are refocusing our volunteering and unpaid legal work on the West End of Newcastle. It’s an area of great need. We hope in the next couple of years to make a real difference there by working more closely with many of the smaller charities and voluntary projects that are supporting that community.

Our Green Team
As far as we’re concerned, we wouldn’t be a Responsible Business if we didn’t have an awareness of the impact we have on the environment.  That’s why we set up our Green Team, whose duties include:

  • continually reviewing the sustainability of our business practices in the context of available technologies;
  • annually calculating our carbon footprint using a recognised methodology in order to identify areas for potential improvement; and
  • encouraging our people to actively participate in finding ways to live and work in a more sustainable manner.

We’re delighted to say that the work the Green Team has undertaken thus far has helped us to achieve ISO14001:2015 certification.  This really is a remarkable achievement and it is reflected by the fact that Muckle remains one of only a handful of law firms across the entire UK to have achieved this award.

We would be very pleased if you wanted to read our ISO14001 Environmental Policy and Objectives Statement.  However, if there’s anything else you’d like to know about our environmental performance, please feel free to contact Debbie McCormack, Director of Operations and she will do her utmost to help you.

You can also view our Corporate Responsibility Review for 2016, which details the wide range of our community activities and the contributions we have made.

Recognition for our efforts

We won the ‘Heart of The Community Award‘ for the Tyneside and Northumberland regions in 2017 and from 2012 – 2014.  This was in recognition of the care that all of our people have shown in helping the communities where we live and work.  It is an award that is aligned closely to our belief in the importance of being a responsible business and it reflects what has been done by a huge number of people across the firm.

Muckle LLP was shortlisted as ‘Company of the Year’ at the North East Business Awards 2015 as well as the ‘Green Award’ and were also shortlisted for the ‘Heart of the Community Award’ in 2016.