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Graduate Recruitment FAQs

If you have questions about Muckle, then hopefully the following information will provide you with the answers you’re looking for.  If not, get in touch and we will of course do whatever we can to help.

  1. When can I apply for a training contract and a vacation placement?
    While Muckle isn’t like most law firms in some respects we are, and recruit two years in advance for training contracts.  Applicants need to be able to start a training contract in September 2024.
  2. How many trainees do you recruit?
    Generally speaking we look to recruit 4 trainees a year.  In this recruitment year we are looking for trainees to start in September 2024.
  3. What are your retention rates?
    We deliberately recruit a relatively small number of top-notch trainees as we actually aim to retain them all.  During the past five years, job offers have been made to the majority of our trainees. Last year we retained all of our trainees.
  4. What do you look for in applicants?
    Here are some of the qualities we do rate highly:
    • Strong academics – A/B grades at A Level and a 2.1 degree or above.  Not having these does not mean that your application will be automatically rejected if there are mitigating circumstances.
    • Strong interpersonal and communication skills – we have a really wonderful team ethos and build close working relationships with our clients and colleagues.  So it’s important you’ll be able to get on well with both and build relationships.
    • Enthusiasm, personality, strong work ethic and a great attitude.
    • Commercial and business focus – you should have an interest in learning about business and want to work in a commercial firm.
    • A genuine motivation to work at Muckle LLP.
  5. Do you prefer law or non-law graduates?
    We actually don’t have a preference and have a mix of law and non-law graduates.  A fact that is reflected in our current trainees. 
  6. What is your view on taking a year or time out?
    We appreciate there are many different reasons why you may wish to take time out and have no problems whatsoever with people wishing to do so.  Enjoy it!
  7. I haven’t any work experience yet in a law firm. Will my application be adversely affected by this?
    Not at all.  One of the main purposes of the vacation placement is to see whether our firm is the right place for you.  So we are always interested in hearing about other work experience you may have undertaken and how this has benefitted you and demonstrates you have the qualities we’re looking for.
  8. If I have previously applied to Muckle can I apply again?
    Yes, of course you can, but this is your decision.  As it happens, a number of trainees we’ve recruited in the past have applied more than once. But it is important to think about your application – don’t just “cut and paste” sections from your previous applications!
  9. Will you accept a 2.2 degree grade or below?
    Sorry, not really.  Ideally applicants will have obtained a 2.1 or above, or will be predicted to achieve one.  However, if there are genuine mitigating circumstances (and you have demonstrated very strong academics at A Level) then we will be only too willing to listen.  You might also want to check out question 4 for more guidance on what we look for in applicants.
  10. Will I have a better chance of a training contract at Muckle if I’ve been on your vacation scheme?
    Afraid not (we appreciate there are reasons why applicants cannot attend the vacation scheme in the summer). Our vacation placements have been put in place to give you a further opportunity to get to know the firm better and help you decide whether we’re right for you – however, you don’t need to have been on a placement to know this!  A number of our trainees haven’t been on a work placement, so at our assessment day there’s always a combination of those who have been on vacation placement and those that have applied solely for a training contract.
  11. Do you specify which subjects trainees should take on the LPC?
    No, we don’t.  But we do encourage you to take subjects you will enjoy studying and find interesting.  We are a commercial firm and suggest you take a broad range of subjects relevant to a firm of our type and the work we do.
  12. Do you have a preferred institution for the GDL/LPC?
    No, provided it is an established provider.  We appreciate that location is often an important element in deciding where to go, so we leave it entirely up to you.
  13. Do you pay fees and maintenance grants?
    Currently we reimburse/pay LPC fees for those applicants who start a training contract with us.  However, at this time we do not pay GDL fees or maintenance grants.
  14. How will my training contract and rotations be structured?
    Trainees generally spend six months in four different teams.  These teams include corporate, commercial, banking and restructuring, real estate, construction and engineering, employment and dispute resolution.
  15. How much choice do trainees have in relation to their rotations?
    As part of our regular catch-ups with trainees we do discuss seat rotations and try to accommodate any burning desires to gain experience of a particular discipline.  However, the business requirements of the firm have to take priority.
  16. If I apply for a vacation placement and I’m not successful, does that mean my training contract application (if I applied at the same time) will be rejected?
    Yes.  However you can still submit a training-contract-only application later in the year, especially if you feel your application is now stronger.  See question 8 for a little more detail on this.
  17. Do you pay travel expenses for interviews?
    No.  Sorry, we do not reimburse travel expenses or hotel accommodation for interviews.
  18. Do you accept CV applications or speculative applications for paralegal positions?
    Sorry, it’s no for both. Applications for our vacation placement scheme and/or training contract must be made using our online application form. We don’t accept spec applications and any paralegal positions we have will be advertised on our website.
  19. Do you accept international applications from individuals needing a work permit?
    We do accept applications from international students subject to them having the relevant work permit/visa at the time of their training contracts starting. For non-EU applicants we are not currently listed as a sponsor.