Intellectual property services

From fixed price retainers to bespoke packages, we have a range intellectual property services to suit every business.

IP Healthcheck

We get under the bonnet of your intellectual property (IP) and audit everything that is uniquely you, like your company’s brand identity, logos, slogans, websites, products and services. An healthcheck includes:

  • 2 hr meeting to audit your intellectual property
  • report summarising what works fine and what needs improvement
  • recommendations for how to fix any IP concerns

Trademark services

  • trademark portfolio management – a one-stop-shop for managing all your trade marks to protect and exploit your brand
  • monopoly right to stop competitors ripping off your brand

Infringements and reputation management

If you are exposed to communications or activities that damage your reputation or infringe your trademarks, it may be unlawful and we can help you put a stop to it.

  • Online infringement take-down requests – tackling offensive and defamatory posts
  • Cease and desist letters – to stop unlawful activities that have a negative impact on your company

Tailor-made advice

Every business is different and it isn’t easy to know what IP advice you need. So whether that involves negotiating IP acquisitions, due diligence, licensing discussions or software development wrangles, we’ll discuss your business goals and let you know exactly what support you really need.

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