Mi HR Audit

The flexible employment compliance audit tool you can trust

Employers are under increasing pressure to report on how they meet their employment obligations. But it’s a task that can be complex.

Introducing Mi HR Audit

You can be confident you’re meeting your obligations as an employer by getting sound legal advice. Mi HR Audit from Muckle LLP is our audit compliance service that’s designed to give you peace of mind by allowing you to tap into the experience and expertise of our highly trained team. And with simple upfront fees there’ll be no nasty surprises on price.

Area of interestHow we could help
Right to work checksA review of a proportionate and appropriate sample of personnel files. We’ll confirm any issues found and how to address them.
contracts and
A review of your employment contract templates, policies and procedures.
We’ll report on any issues found, including whether they give you the protections likely to be needed and explore suggested changes with you.
Holiday payA review of the types of payments paid to your workforce and how holiday pay is generally being calculated. We’ll discuss any issues found and a strategy to address these.
National Minimum Wage (NMW)A review of what is currently being factored into pay, including payments and deductions that count or don’t count towards NMW, such as salary sacrifice arrangements. We’ll discuss any issues found and a strategy to address these.
Working TimeA review of your processes for measuring working time, including rest breaks and opt outs. We’ll confirm any issues found and recommended actions.
Data and MonitoringA review of any employment data map, employee data privacy notice and IT and communications monitoring policy. We’ll report on any issues found and recommended actions.
Gender pay gap reportingAdvice on how to capture and report on the data and an appropriate narrative to explain any gender pay gaps. We’ll advise on potential steps that might help close any gap.
Employment statusA review of the types of individuals employed/engaged in your business.
We’ll confirm whether there are likely to be any status issues from an employment law perspective and the
effectiveness of arrangements in terms of confidentiality and intellectual property rights.

What package is right for your business?

The price you pay per category varies according to the number of employees your business has:

1 to 19 employees20 to 99 employees250 employees or more
£500 plus VAT per category£750 plus VAT per category£1,500 plus VAT per category

Prices quoted apply when taking three or more categories. We offer discounts on our standard rates depending on how many categories you take.

Four categories – 10% discount

Five or more categories -15% discount

If you only need help in one or two categories, get in touch and we can find out more about your requirements and provide a quote for the work.

You can find out more here

Or by getting in touch with Lisa Kelly on 0191 211 7897 or at [email protected]