Business immigration

Migrant workers account for a major share of the UK employment base, and there are extra considerations for employers to manage when recruiting and employing migrant workers. It can be complicated, particularly as immigration law is ever changing, and prescriptive. 

Our experienced team can help you navigate the complexities of the UK’s immigration regime by providing pragmatic, timely, accurate and cost-effective advice to help you meet your objectives. We advise employers, educational establishments and investors on a wide variety of immigration issues.

How we can help

  • Explain and advise on the available options for you to employ migrants.
  • Support you with applications to become sponsors of skilled workers (including intra company transfers) or students, and advise on associated obligations, including the assignment of certificates of sponsorship or certificates of acceptance of study..
  • Help you implement compliant HR systems, policies and procedures.
  • Advise on business immigration issues for setting up a business, investing in the UK or issues arising during and following a takeover or merger.
  • Help you prepare for audits from UK Visas and Immigration.
  • Advise on the rules associated with business visitors.
  • Advise on the prevention of illegal working, right to work checks and best practice, including auditing your current processes and making recommendations to ensure compliance with UK Visas and Immigration’s requirements.
  • Train you and your team on sponsor obligations and prevention of illegal working.

More information

We delivered a webinar on business immigration recently which you can download here or, for more help and advice, call Amy Sergison on 0191 211 7995 or email [email protected].