dispute resolution

Dispute Resolution

Would it to be too much of an exaggeration to say we consider ourselves to be the Relate of the corporate world? Actually, we don’t think so.

You see, in our opinion litigators often tend to be far too aggressive or far too keen to settle, and the last thing on their minds seems to be the state of the relationship afterwards. So generally we go about things differently by putting the relationship first and managing each dispute in a way that will, hopefully, ensure that everyone remains on each other’s Christmas card lists. Even after the most acrimonious of fall-outs. However, if circumstances demand a more ‘forthright’ (some may say ‘pit-bull’) approach to negotiations, you can be sure you’d rather have us on your side, not in the opposition camp.

As you might expect, we have all the tact, mettle, experience and expertise necessary to deal with any kind of dispute in fields as diverse as commercial, construction, real estate, intellectual property, technology, alternative dispute resolution, emergency applications, professional indemnity claims and those involving regulatory authorities.

And no matter what kind of dispute it is, we’ll help clients to understand the options and strategies available so that problems can be resolved effectively and quickly.

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Key Contact

Susan Howe

Partner and Head of Dispute Resolution

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