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Podcast: It’s a tenant’s market

Podcast: It’s a tenant’s market

Published: 23rd Jul 2020

Why are people saying ‘it’s a tenant’s market out there’?

Well, there’s been substantial legislation to protect

tenants from forfeiture and eviction during the pandemic. While this has been

welcomed by many businesses, it has put commercial landlords under increasing

pressure with many having difficulty recovering rent.

So in our latest podcast, Jonathan Combe, partner and head of real estate, shares his 25 years+ experience on commercial property, alongside leading property litigator Charlotte McMurchie. Together they discuss the problems facing commercial landlords and tenants now COVID-19 has drastically changed the property rental landscape.

Your questions answered

How has government intervention affected the market? What does the ban on evictions mean for businesses? How do commercial landlords deal with tenants who aren’t paying rent, even though they can afford to? What should landlords and tenants be planning for once the government’s temporary measures end? Listen in to Jonathan and Charlotte's chat to find out more.

Legal Spectrum Podcast episode 5: It’s a tenant’s market

Commercial landlord or tenant, if this podcast provokes any thoughts or questions we’d love to hear from you. Contact Charlotte McMurchie on 0191 211 7979 or [email protected] for a chat or a free consultation.

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