EDF to develop hydrogen at UK nuclear plants

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French energy major EDF are planning to further develop hydrogen production at some UK energy sites, according to media reports.

EDF already have a strong interest in UK nuclear electricity generation, operate eight UK nuclear power stations and are developing new projects at Hinkley and Sizewell.

This latest development follows the Hydrogen to Heysham (H2H) consortium initial feasibility study, which is led by EDF and includes Hynamics, Lancaster University, European Institute for Energy Research and Atkins.

Boosting low carbon energy

The phase 1 feasibility study explored the generation of hydrogen in bulk for supplying the industry, power and transport sectors with low carbon hydrogen.

In the report’s ‘Scale Up and Replicability’ section, it suggests the longer term plan is to develop larger scale, low carbon hydrogen production in the UK. The plan takes advantage of EDF’s infrastructure in nuclear and renewables generation as well as storage.

Eventually ‘upscaling’ across the UK, the aim is to develop larger electrolysers (20-200MW), with the prospect of new nuclear projects under development providing low carbon electricity.

Energy expert view

“This sounds promising. Large scale low carbon hydrogen production across the UK will probably be needed as we look to lower the carbon intensity of our gas production and distribution system and perhaps also in the transport sector as an alternative to electric technology.” Alastair Fells MEI, Incorporated Eng, PG Dip Fuel Tech, BSc Hons

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