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Man Ordered to Pay Ex-Wife £2milllion Share of Lottery Win

2nd Dec 2010

A court has ruled that a man must pay his ex-wife a £2million lump sum from his lottery winnings despite finalising his divorce ten years earlier.

When Nigel Page, 44, won £56million on the Euromillions in February 2010 he became Britain’s third biggest winner lottery winner.  At the time, he was paying £150 per month maintenance for his thirteen year old daughter and had  intended to offer Wendy Page, his former spouse, a significantly larger sum as a goodwill gesture.

However, Mrs Page took pre-emptive legal action against her former husband in a bid to claim more and last week she successfully negotiated a lump sum payout of £2million together with £2,000 a month for their daughter.

There has been some speculation that Mr Page was in a legally vulnerable position because, when the marriage broke down, he failed to ensure that his wife signed a legally binding “”clean break order”" preventing either of them from making a claim against the other at any point in the future.

Following the breakdown of a marriage or civil partnership , the most difficult problem can be  the allocation of assets, liabilities and income between the separating or divorcing parties.

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(Article sourced from Sky News online, 25 November 2010)

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