Employment team Christmas newsletter

Welcome to the Muckle LLP Employment Team’s Christmas 2019 newsletter, with legal insight on the key issues for employers to consider as we look forward (hopefully) to a more environmentally aware future.

Breaking up is hard to do

Need to terminate a contract that’s not delivering? It’s a tricky situation, but dispute resolution lawyer James Pierce has some helpful advice.
Your organisation has …

5 tips for rolling contracts

Perpetual bliss or purgatory? Henry Mullen, dispute resolution lawyer at Muckle LLP, picks out the key pitfalls for businesses to avoid on rolling contracts.

Considering paying your hardworking committee members?

A token payment to reward the people that keep your club running is a nice idea, but here are some key points to consider to make sure this doesn’t cause problems later on.

Who’s in your phonebook? A GDPR update for clubs

The helpline has been very successful in helping leagues and clubs adapt to the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Due to the volume …

How to agree contracts that pay off

Expert advice on avoiding common contractual pitfalls.

Top tips for recovering debts

Useful advice to help businesses recover payments.

Who signed this?

We explain how unauthorised signatures can be legally binding, costly and more common than you think.

Au revoir GDPR?

What does leaving Europe mean for GDPR – an EU law? Our data protection experts examine the effects of Brexit on data protection.

Hot topic: National Minimum Wage

Minimum wage

How does the future world of work affect National Minimum Wage?