New requirements for pre-pack administrations

Do you know the change for administrators in regards to onerous marketing?

The burden of proof in wrongful trading

The case contains a useful and detailed example of how the courts approach the elements of a wrongful trading claim.

Are you prepared for October changes?

There have been plenty of changes to insolvency legislation this year. The following are the latest coming into effect on 1 October 2015.

Key changes to Insolvency Act

On 26 May, new provisions, as part of the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015 (SBEEA 2015), will change the Insolvency Act 1986. Find out what the changes are and how they will affect business.

Increased certainty around large scale redundancies

Find out how the recent CJEU decision in the Woolworths and Ethel Austin insolvency cases clarifies the position on large scale insolvencies.

Special investment situations

When personal debt, poor credit history and other capital constraints stop business from securing a loan, is there an alternative?

How SMEs resolve disputes without pricey court fees

The recent 600% rise in court costs is likely to price many SME’s out of the court system, forcing them to consider alternative ways of settling disputes.

Can a Bankrupts’ Personal Pension become an object of an IPO?

Given that there are currently conflicting authorities on whether an income payments order (IPO) can be made over a bankrupt’s personal …

Changes to Civil Procedure Rules from April 2015

Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) are designed to improve access to justice by making legal proceedings cheaper, quicker, and easier to understand.
From April 2015 there …

Dramatic increase in court issue fees

There is real concern that access to justice for individuals and small to medium sized businesses will be impeded, following a Ministry of Justice …