Colin v Cuthbert: a delicious lesson in trademark infringement

Team Colin or Team Cuthbert? As Marks and Spencer initiate legal proceedings against Aldi, we discuss the legal implications behind the battle of the caterpillars.

It’s time to say “Thank you for the music” and update copyright legislation

Is it time to rethink music copyright legislation to ensure artists get a fairer deal when their songs are streamed?

High court awards damages in Eminem copyright case

Eminem’s former record company argues that a UK label’s album pressing caused big anniversary re-release plans to be abandoned.

European Union trade mark changes coming soon

If you or your business hold a European Union trade mark (EUTM), there’s a change in procedure that you should know about.
The transition period …

Make your mark

Banksy’s ‘flower bomber’ case highlights trade mark pitfalls for businesses, explains George Festing, our IP disputes specialist.

Five ways to stop others using your kitchen and bathroom construction plans

Tired of having your kitchen or bathroom designs ‘stolen’ and used by cheaper suppliers? It’s a frustration you can avoid, says Alex Craig – Head of Intellectual Property at law firm Muckle LLP.

Do you have a pending European trade mark?

If you have a European Trade Mark (EUTM), that’s still classed as pending on 31 December 2020, did you know can apply to register a comparable UK trade mark (UKTM) in the nine months following EU Exit Day?

Will the internet ever be childproof?

How safe are children on line? The ICO’s new code seeks to improve experiences and protect under 18s.

Open source software – explained

Read our one-page fact sheet to make sure open source software doesn’t inadvertently interfere with your IT development plans.

Heavy metal, or heavy handed?

Metallica urged a Canadian tribute band to continue using its logo and distanced itself from a cease and desist letter issued by their lawyers intended to protect the group’s intellectual property.