Will the internet ever be childproof?

How safe are children on line? The ICO’s new code seeks to improve experiences and protect under 18s.

Open source software – explained

Read our one-page fact sheet to make sure open source software doesn’t inadvertently interfere with your IT development plans.

Heavy metal, or heavy handed?

Metallica urged a Canadian tribute band to continue using its logo and distanced itself from a cease and desist letter issued by their lawyers intended to protect the group’s intellectual property.

UK copyright law – ‘private copying’ now unlawful

The statutory instrument introduced by the UK government in October 2014 to establish a ‘private copying exception’ under copyright law has, following a …

Rihanna wins images rights battle against Topshop

There are no image rights as such under English law but Rihanna has followed Eddie Irvine in being successful in pursuing use of her …

Expansion of the Patents Opinion Service

On 1 October 2014, the date the Intellectual Property Act 2014 came into force, the UK Intellectual Property Office’s (IPO) patents …

Changes to design law – what you need to know

On 1 October 2014, the Intellectual Property Act came into force, which made a number of important changes to UK design law. The law …

Copyright Infringement. Or is it…..?

On 1 October 2014, UK copyright law changed. The change of law now means that certain specified acts will now not infringe copyright. This …

Community Trade Marks could cost more. Act Now!

Are you considering trade mark protection in Europe?
If so, then you should take action sooner rather than later to potentially save money.
What is the …

New Patent Web-marking Scheme

What’s changed?
On 1 October 2014, new legislation came into force that allows products to be marked with a website link instead of having to …