‘Ban homegrown emissions’


Independent Committee on Climate Change says emissions from UK houses need to be addressed.

Big ideas for new biogas plant

Biogas plant

Find out why this £150m biogas project planned for the North West is so important.

North East blown away by wind sector deal

wind turbine

A major deal has breathed new life into the North East’s offshore wind sector, as the region lands a leading role in the government’s latest renewable plans.

Electric North East

electric vehicle

Fastned to build five new fast electric vehicle charging points across the region.

New energy comparison tool launches for businesses

North East based troo’s technology tool is giving power back to businesses.

Muckle involved as plan for new North East nuclear power heats up

Thousands of jobs could be created in the North East after a partnership was launched to build a new type of nuclear power station across the UK.

Cutting emissions through carbon capture

The government sees value in carbon capture utilisation and storage, but how will this be

Innovative new power station planned for Teesside

Teesside beats tough competition to score the UK’s first commercial full-chain carbon capture
utilisation and storage (CCUS) project

North East to benefit from World’s largest clean energy project?

North East homes could be run on hydrogen if a £22bn plan is given the go ahead.

Greg Clark looks to the energy market future

With the energy ‘trilemma’ coming to an end, the Minister for Business, Energy and Industrial
Strategy points out 4 key principles that will power Britain’s future.