Carbon storage stacks up

Key industry operators join carbon capture advisory group.

South Shields corrosion protection specialist expands

Offshore energy specialists Metec Cathodic Protection (UK) anticipate a significant boost to turnover.

New coal for Cumbria

Council approves major new coal mining development in Whitehaven.

Innovative energy projects announced

Learn about the government’s latest projects to emerge through £100m funding ringfenced for cheaper, cleaner and more resilient energy.

Winds of change at Blyth

North Tyneside’s pioneering offshore wind project gets decommissioned but what a legacy it leaves behind.

Surge in wind power more than just bluster

Wind turbine

The government has announced that one third of UK electricity is set to come from wind power, generating jobs and billions of pounds of growth.

‘Ban homegrown emissions’


Independent Committee on Climate Change says emissions from UK houses need to be addressed.

Big ideas for new biogas plant

Biogas plant

Find out why this £150m biogas project planned for the North West is so important.

North East blown away by wind sector deal

wind turbine

A major deal has breathed new life into the North East’s offshore wind sector, as the region lands a leading role in the government’s latest renewable plans.

Electric North East

electric vehicle

Fastned to build five new fast electric vehicle charging points across the region.