Companies banned from withholding hospitality staff tips under new plans

One hundred per cent of tips will go to staff under new government plans to overhaul tipping practices in the hospitality industry.

Right to request flexible working open to all employees under new government plans

Employees may be able to request flexible working from the day they start a new job, a move which the government hopes will help reshape the way we work in a post-pandemic world.

The pinging pandemic

Has your business felt the effects of the so-called ‘pingdemic’?
In recent weeks the number of staff being advised to self-isolate as a result of …

Avoiding harassment and discrimination in the workplace

Employers could be under a duty to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace under new reforms proposed by the government.

The recruitment process: how to avoid a claim

If you’re an employer, at some point you’ll go through a recruitment process. But how do you make sure that this process is fair?

Employing EU workers from 1 July 2021

30th June 2021 marked the deadline for EU, EEA and Swiss citizens to apply to the EU settlement scheme if they wanted to continue to live and work in the UK. What now?

What’s next for the future of work? The questions every employer should be asking

We’re sharing 15 questions (and more!) that we feel (as employment lawyers) you should be asking yourself as you evolve into the next era of work.

Immigration employment sponsor offer

From 11pm on 31 December 2020, migrants from the specific areas of the EU, no longer have the automatic right to remain and work in the UK. They have until 30 June 2021 to make an application under the EU settlement scheme. We have put together a fixed rate sponsor application package to support you.

COVID-19 vaccines and the workplace

Returning to the office? Find out what the data protection implications are for collecting employee vaccination data?

Nominate an organisation for us to help this Christmas

We’d like to give 12 local charitable organisations access to one of our experienced employment lawyers for up to one day of pro bono support. Do you know a charity we could help?