Data Protection and Information Bill reform removes barriers and burdens on business

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The UK GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018 lays out strict policies to ensure organisations’ compliance but some issues point to uncertainty, barriers and unnecessary burdens on businesses and consumers. The Bill aims to address issues by setting out clear guidelines.

How will data protection reforms affect the Information Commissioner’s Role in 2022?

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The Data Protection and Information Bill seeks to reform the ICO’s agenda, highlighting the importance of strong leadership, governance and accountability. Overarching objectives uphold data rights and responsible data use.

How will the Data Protection and Information Bill affect Smart Data Schemes in 2022?

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Updates to the Data Protection framework could give data controllers access to wider product and performance data, empowering businesses to improve customer offers, increase market reach and reduce the impact of fraud.

Government’s response to consultation ‘Data: a new direction’

After the consultation ‘Data: a new direction’ was published in September 2021, the Government responded on 23 June 2022 and set out its intention …

Data Reform Bill to transform the modern age

Last week, the Queen’s Speech brought us 37 new Bills following the government’s legislative agenda, including the Data Reform Bill which strives to modernise the current framework to better suit businesses, organisations and UK citizens.

Cookie banner terror – Do you know the rules on cookies?

Privacy activists have ‘gone to war’ on so-called ‘cookie banner terror’ – issuing complaints to the top 10,000 European websites over their cookie non-compliance. It’s important you understand the rules so you can make sure you’re doing the right thing.

NHS Digital’s “data grab” delayed

NHS Digital’s plans to share people’s medical records has been delayed in order to carry out further consultation with key stakeholders. The plans, which put the onus on patients to opt out rather than opt in, has been the subject of heated debate.

New Standard Contractual Clauses introduced by the European Commission

The European Commission recently announced it’s adopting two new sets of Standard Contractual Clauses (SSCs) which could affect how your business handles personal data.

COVID-19 vaccines and the workplace

Returning to the office? Find out what the data protection implications are for collecting employee vaccination data?

UK Children’s Commissioner issues lawsuit against Tiktok

A former children’s commissioner has filed a class action lawsuit against popular video sharing app TikTok over how the app collects and uses children’s personal data