Concept of good faith in contracts

In a David v Goliath struggle, 550 sub-postmasters took on the Post Office – and won.

Identity of contracting parties – again

So many disputes spring from initial carelessness in identifying who your contracting party is.

Meaning of “Practical Completion”

How important is the certifier’s judgement?

Second Adjudication of the same matter

When is a second claim more than just a repeat of an earlier application?

Will Brexit frustrate commercial contracts?

An EU government agency argued that its lease will be “frustrated” and “illegal” after Brexit – how did the Court of Appeal respond?

Is there an implied right to suspend?

Construction site

A thorough review of this old question, and a very clear answer.

Construction – a brave new world

Adam Aston, a partner in the construction and engineering team, examines the latest technologies in the industry and the legal questions they pose for …

Contractual allocation of responsibility for concurrent delay


Can parties complain about risk allocation after the contract is agreed?

Interpretation, rectification and scope of works

Workman on site

Sub-contract arrangements – to what extent is the sub-contractor responsible?

Misrepresentation Act – the Court of Appeal view

Commercial Building

Misrepresentation Act strikes down a clause excluding liability.