Careless claims can lead to fraud proceedings

Fraud is a hard allegation to prove, but can be a devastatingly successful legal argument.

Meaning and effect of the expression “subject to contract”

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When a stipulation for a written contract may be overridden by events

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Can a building regulations certifier be sued in tort by the occupier of a defective building?

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Concept of good faith in contracts

In a David v Goliath struggle, 550 sub-postmasters took on the Post Office – and won.

Identity of contracting parties – again

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Meaning of “Practical Completion”

How important is the certifier’s judgement?

Second Adjudication of the same matter

When is a second claim more than just a repeat of an earlier application?

Will Brexit frustrate commercial contracts?

An EU government agency argued that its lease will be “frustrated” and “illegal” after Brexit – how did the Court of Appeal respond?

Is there an implied right to suspend?

Construction site

A thorough review of this old question, and a very clear answer.