Pursuing contractual claims in the COVID-19 climate

How does the new Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act impact the construction industry and what can suppliers do when dealing with potentially insolvent businesses?

Courts and COVID-19 – case review

The courts say COVID-19 should not hold back progress and technology should be used to deliver remote hearings. But how is this working out in practice?

What is meant by ‘Design Life’?

It often appears in construction contracts, but interpreting what ‘design life’ practically means can be tricky. Our construction lawyers use a recent case to help clear things up.

New construction compliance: safer and greener buildings

Sustainability is one of the buzzwords of the day and there are some major new rules for the construction industry to follow. Here’s what you need to know.

It pays to mediate

Even a winning party is at serious costs risk if it does not mediate. Fake engagement, and excuses, will not prevent costs punishment.

Major guidance on costs punishment for those who won’t mediate

Can a party safely refuse to engage with ADR if it has a really strong case?

Does a ‘wrongdoing’ employee’s motive matter?

Is the wrongful act connected to the employment so as to create vicarious liability?

Supreme Court’s tests for employee status

In the first of two landmark cases the Supreme Court set tests for who is or is not an “employee”

Fiduciary duties of expert witnesses?

Does an expert owe a duty of loyalty to the client? Time to consider reviewing professional appointment clauses to add an obligation not to act for third parties on the same dispute without consent.

Adjudication goes ahead despite COVID-19

The respondent’s solicitor was self-isolating and could not attend the adjudicator’s site visit – should an injunction be granted?