Have you been framed?

Data protection isn’t restricted to words and names. Here, Gillian Scribbins – data protection specialist at Muckle LLP, talks candidly about CCTV data processing.

10 tips for top contractual relationships

You’re successfully selling your products or services, or perhaps you’ve found a new supplier. Great! But do you have a contract and do you know what the terms are?

To report, or not to report? That is the question

Data protection expert Gillian Scribbins, of Muckle LLP, examines if we are now too quick to report data breaches.

But do you really have a legitimate interest?

Data protection expert Gillian Scribbins, of Muckle LLP, tackles a GDPR grey area for many businesses.

Open source software – explained

Read our one-page fact sheet to make sure open source software doesn’t inadvertently interfere with your IT development plans.

Copyright – times are changing

Currently ‘industrially manufactured artistic works’, created over 25 years ago, aren’t protected by copyright. From the 28 January they will be protected for the life of their creator plus 70 years.

How to spot spam

Check out our guide on how to spot spam.


Bad news for Yahoo as it’s confirmed they have been hacked with 500 million users’ account details stolen.

‘Should’ve’ has gone to Specsavers? Probably.

Specsavers have been granted approval by the UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO) for the word ‘should’ve’ to be trademarked.

Copyright cases beginning to strike a chord

Ed Sheeran is being sued by two US musicians over claims that his hit song Photograph infringed copyright in their work, Amazing.
Thomas Leonard and …