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Energy Experts Generate More Power for Muckle LLP's Clients

27th Jan 2011

Energy consultants, Fells Associates, have been appointed to our specialist Energy Group and will help to guide our energy market strategy – particularly in respect of renewable energy technologies.

The move will build on our substantial experience and expertise in the energy sector and enhance our service offering to our clients operating within the field.

Professor Ian Fells, from Fells Associates, founded the New and Renewable Energy Centre (now the National Renewable Energy Centre) at Blyth in 2002. Prior to that he was professor of energy conversion at Newcastle University, teaching and researching for over 30 years and publishing over 300 papers on a wide range of topics  – ranging from heat engines, fuel cells, energy economics, environmental protection and energy policy.

Professor Fells was science adviser to the World Energy Council (1987-1998), to the European Parliament, the European Commission, and special adviser to a series of House of Commons and House of Lords Select Committees. His colleagues at Fells Associates have wide experience in the oil and gas industries, electricity generation (nuclear, fossil and renewable), government policy and growth of energy businesses.

Professor Fells said: We are delighted to be working with the experienced Energy Group at Muckle LLP to help advise and develop their business. A secure and well regulated energy supply is simply essential for future economic growth and advising businesses on how to take advantage of the renewable energy market in the North East will help the region prosper, whilst sustaining the environment.”"

Andrew Davison, partner at Muckle LLP, said: Ian and Alistair Fells are internationally respected experts in energy policy and we are delighted to welcome them both to our Energy team. Their contributions will help us to enhance our service offering and deliver invaluable benefits to our clients.

Muckle LLP already have far-reaching experience in the energy sector, which extends from biomass, bio-fuels and hydro to solar, waste and wind power.

In the expanding UK biomass and bio-fuels market, our Energy Group has advised on a range of projects “including funding arrangements for biomass storage facilities; planning agreements for biomass incineration; leasing land and funding options for power station construction; contractual advice; project management; and advising on fuel storage and loading arrangements from vessel to rail and road.

We are helping companies to fulfil the many regulatory requirements in the solar sector, including in connection with the development of PV farms “ fields of photovoltaic (PV) panels. We have also advised on the initial stages of a project to acquire process technology and know-how related to PV technology; on taking a license of existing PV technology and advising on potential structures and financing for the growth of a PV facility.

In waste recycling, our team has prepared contracts relating to the capture and transfer of biogas to the gas grid at a waste treatment plant. We advised on a venture to build anaerobic digesters and on construction contracts, warranties and bonds on a biogas project to convert waste gas into clean gas. The Muckle Energy Group has also advised a company that recycles human waste for use as fertiliser and the use of household waste for anaerobic digestion power generation.

The Muckle Energy Group has helped clients secure wind farm sites and get turbines operational as quickly as possible. This involves securing site leases and rights of access from multiple landowners as well as negotiating loan agreements and securities over contracts and assets. We have helped secure numerous joint multi-party ventures, giving advice on IP licensing, audit and training, confidentiality agreements, patent applications, framework agreements and IP project advice. We have also advised clients on the construction of an offshore wind turbine facility, the sale of a wind farm between operators, and resolved disputes such as warranty claims.

We have considerable experience of working with substantial energy supply and distribution companies, assisting with everything from commercial services and contracting to property, banking, construction and engineering.

We also operate a discussion forum – Energy Forum North East – on LinkedIn, which allows businesses to share knowledge and understanding, especially on renewable energy.

For more information on how Muckle LLP can help your business, call Muckle LLP on 0191 211 7777 or visit its website

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