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Ehrc Publish Guidance for Employers

15th Apr 2013 | Education

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) have recently published guidance for businesses/employers.  Follow the links below for information, help and advice in the following areas:

  • Business and human rights: With Globalisation on the increase, UK businesses need to take all necessary steps to avoid breaching human rights.
  • Equality Act for smaller businesses: Help to reduce costs, retain and attract the best staff and improve your productivity and performance by preventing discrimination and protecting people’s rights.
  • Supporting staff experiencing domestic abuse: Help those affected retain their jobs and feel safe and supported in the workplace.
  • Religion or belief in the workplace: The EHRC have published two documents and Q & A’s to help employers deal with requests.

Public sector procurement guidance

  • Guidance on procurement: The EHRC has also produced guidance that explains how public authorities can comply with the public sector equality duty (PSED) obligations at different stages of the procurement cycle.  It covers equality issues that you may need to consider at each stage.

For more information, help or advice on any employment issue please contact our Employment Team on 0191 211 7777 or email [email protected].

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