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AIM 20th Anniversary Celebration

29th Jun 2015 | Corporate Finance
AIM 20th Anniversary Celebration
AIM 20 LogoAs the leading law firm in the North East for company listings, the London Stock Exchange asked Muckle LLP if we would help them celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Alternative Investment Market (AIM).

In June 2015, we hosted the CEOs of companies on AIM, Main Market PLCs and the wider business community at an eventLondon Stock Exchange Logo to celebrate the success of AIM.  We were joined by the Head of AIM, Marcus Stuttard, who gave the keynote address.  Businesses list on AIM for different reasons so we produced the videos below to showcase why companies should list and what benefits can be achieved.  The initial video provides a summary of the main points from the more detailed individual case study videos below. We hope you find their insights interesting.

Overview of companies' experiences of listing on AIM

Quantum Pharma Plc - our experiences of listing on AIM

Vertu Motors plc - our experiences of listing on AIM

Zytronic plc - our experiences of listing on AIM

Kromek Group plc - our experiences of listing on AIM

For more information, help or advice on listing please contact Andrew Davison on 0191 211 7950 or email [email protected].

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