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Greenlight for pioneering power station

16th Jan 2019 | Energy
Greenlight for pioneering power station

Drax power station is going ahead with a pioneering bioenergy carbon capture utilisation and

storage project.

Commissioning has started, on the tenth anniversary of the Climate Change Act, and the project is expected to capture around a tonne of carbon dioxide a day over the next six months, produced from electricity generated from renewable biomass fuel.

Drax is investing £400,000 in the project and working with Leeds based company C-Capture, who are developing a new amine free solvent technology for carbon dioxide capture.

Will Gardiner, CEO at Drax Group, said: “Our BECCS pilot project is the UK’s first step to delivering a key technology in the fight against climate change. If this project is successful, it could enable Drax to become the world’s first carbon negative power station – something many would never have dreamed possible a decade ago.”

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