Increase to compensation limits

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Make sure you’re prepared for the new limits that will come into effect on 6 April 2017.

  • From 6 April 2017, compensation limits will increase.
  • The limit on a week’s pay for the purpose of calculating statutory redundancy payments and basic awards for unfair dismissal claims will increase from £479 to £489.
  • The maximum award for a statutory redundancy payment or basic award for an unfair dismissal claim will increase to £14670
  • The maximum compensatory award for an unfair dismissal claim increases to £80541 or 52 weeks’ pay, whichever is lower.
  • The new rates apply only where the act complained of (for example a dismissal) falls after 6 April 2017. If the relevant date falls before 5 April 2017, the “old” rates will apply irrespective of when the actual payment is made.

Other info

We will be running our Employment Law roadshows in September/ October this year.  Keep an eye on our events page for more detail.

We are also running our Employment Law: Back to Basics training course again, later in the year. Our next course is in May, but is already fully booked.  Our Back to Basics: Employment Law for Schools course will run in our offices on 28 September and 5 October 2017.  Our general, Employment Law: Back to Basics course will run in our offices on 16 and 23 November 2017. If you’d like more information, please click here, or contact Chris Maddock or Amy Sergison.