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Clarity is so important, and the interpretation of the various pieces of legislation that govern education has been made much easier with the regular guidance provided by the DfE. In recent years the DfE has done a great job of producing a formidable library of guidance which are often updated at key moments.

There has been a trend amongst schools and organisations to encourage governors, school leaders and staff to read this information. This helps many people understand their duties and responsibilities. The only trouble is it is not always easy to track where to find this information as the GOV.UK website expands.

Conveniently, DfE has provided the following webpages to help schools stay on target:

We understand that sometimes the guidance does not always address the needs of your school or describe the situation that your school is going through.

If you need assistance to help you navigate the scenarios do not hesitate to contact our friendly and knowledgeable Education Team.