Cutting emissions through carbon capture

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The government has reaffirmed its commitment to carbon capture utilisation and storage (CCUS) at a summit meeting in Edinburgh, ahead of the COP24 international meeting on climate change in Katowice in Poland.

Funding for new technologies

The government’s new focus is on developing technology across different sectors within industry, with a pilot facility aimed for the mid-2020s followed by full scale facilities in the 2030s.

The government has pledged £20m to support the development of the technology and also published reports on deployment pathways, business models, readiness for industrial clusters, cost estimations and technical and cost assumptions. Previous plans in 2015 for a £1bn competition, aimed at carbon capture and storage in the power generation sector, were called off by the government on the grounds of cost.

‘World-leading ambition’

Energy and Clean Growth Minister Claire Perry said: “Today at this seminal summit, the UK is setting a world- leading ambition for developing and deploying carbon capture and storage technology to cut emissions.

“It shows how determined all countries are to unlock the potential of this game-changing technology that representatives from across the globe are gathered here [for] today in Edinburgh. The time is now to seize this challenge to tackle climate change while kick starting an entirely new industry.”

Energy expert view

“This is recognition that we need to develop practical ways of removing carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere across all sectors, if we are to make the progress we need to on climate change.

“Let’s hope this is the start of a long term commitment from government to support the development of new ideas and technology to significantly reduce our carbon based emissions.” Alastair Fells MEI, Incorporated Eng, PG Dip Fuel Tech, BSc Hons

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