Cookie banner terror – Do you know the rules on cookies?

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It seems like many organisations don’t.

Noyb (which stands for ‘none of your business’) – an activist website headed by well-known privacy advocate, Max Schrems, has issued complaints to some of the top 10,000 visited websites across Europe, detailing their cookie non-compliance.

If those companies with draft complaints in their inboxes don’t follow the instructions to change their settings, then a formal complaint will be issued to the relevant authority for enforcement.

The issue is what Noyb are calling ‘cookie banner terror’. Their automated system picks up violations on websites with cookie banners that aren’t compliant, and when they do, they automatically generate a complaint. Even if you aren’t one of those companies, it’s still important to understand the rules so you can make sure you’re doing the right thing.

Watch this space and check out Noyb’s website for more information.

If you don’t know whether your cookie banners are compliant – we can help. Contact Alex Craig on 0191 211 7911 or email [email protected]