COVID-19 support

Coronavirus has created a challenging and uncertain environment for everyone. At Muckle, we were lucky to already have technology in place that allows everyone to work remotely, so all our people are available to support you as normal.

We simply want to help our clients, our contacts and the wider business community. That is why we are focusing on what we can do to support businesses and organisations in the current lockdown.

Browse our COVID-19 guidance

Our lawyers are picking out all the key points businesses need to know, with free legal updates on how coronavirus related legislative changes affect you. Click here to view our latest COVID-19 guidance at any time.

Contact our COVID-19 business helpdesk

If you’re struggling with the legal implications of coronavirus and would like to know how we can help, please contact our helpdesk.  It’s a free service operated by lawyers ready to listen and provide pointers on where to go for the right information or the right legal advice.

Read more here or dial 0191 211 7773 or email [email protected] to speak to one of our lawyers.