Lucilla Waugh

Partner and Head of Construction and Engineering

Over 30 years qualified

A real estate lawyer and a non-contentious construction lawyer by training, Lucilla specialises in large scale development projects. This includes the procurement of Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects through PFI, NHS LIFT and BSF and other government initiatives. Lucilla acts for both public and private organisations on health and social care, education, energy, emergency services, sport and leisure, waste and local government accommodation projects.

When she hasn’t got her hands full looking after her clients, Lucilla has them full looking after her greyhound and two jack russells. This is especially true of Bing, one of the jack russells, who was mentioned on local radio and on the front page of the local press after taking himself off on an unscheduled, unsupervised walk in London, by sharp contrast to the wild and woolly hills of Northumberland.

Lucilla Waugh