Jonathan Combe


Over 30 years qualified

For nearly 25 years now Jonathan has been a specialist real estate lawyer, and today we’re delighted to have him heading up Muckle’s Real Estate Team.

Although he wouldn’t tell you so himself, we don’t mind saying that Jonathan is regarded as something of an expert in real estate development, and as such he regularly advises education clients on complex redevelopment and relocation projects. And having acted for clients who develop student campuses and residential blocks on behalf of education-based end users, he has a comprehensive and balanced understanding of the issues that are likely to arise on larger-scale projects such as these. What’s more, Jonathan has masses of experience in co-ordinating the necessary services required from our Planning, Construction and Banking teams on development projects.

Always eager to learn more about a sector he finds fascinating, Jonathan is currently working with a private school on a major relocation project and also advising a University client on various accommodation projects.

Being a keen sportsman, Jonathan continued playing rugby until he was 40. But these days he is content watching the game rather than playing it. However, he has become involved in junior rugby, coaching and currently helps out at Percy Park under-16s. And while he enjoys playing a round or two of golf, Jonathan would be the first to admit that actually, it’s mainly for the craic!

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Jonathan Combe