Joanne Davison


17 years qualified

A specialist in governance and legal structures, and experienced in advising on a range of charity law and company law issues, including the impact of the Charities Act 2006 and the Companies Act 2006, Joanne spends much of her time working alongside headteachers, their senior leadership teams and governors. This has provided her with particular experience of governance, trading and legal structures, as well as the wider issues affecting the education sector.

These days, it’s academy conversions that are keeping Joanne especially busy as she advises Governing Bodies on options relating to the structure and governance of their Academy Trust, what liabilities the Academy Trust may take on and how best to manage them. Working with such Governing Bodies to guide them through the transition to Academy Trust is something which Joanne genuinely enjoys. But because academies are entering such an exciting new landscape, the guidance and support she provides doesn’t stop there.

As well as playing such a strong role for education clients, you could say that Joanne also plays the odd musical instrument or two. In fact she plays the violin, which is her main instrument, the viola, double bass, bass guitar, piano and kettle drums, which as a school girl she played on stage in the Royal Albert Hall. Guess we know who to turn to if we ever decide to put a Muckle orchestra together.

Joanne Davison