Alison Walton


19 years qualified

A senior procurement and commercial lawyer, Alison specialises in providing public and private sector organisations with advice on procurement strategy and risk management. She regularly advises boards and directors, helping them to mitigate risks while providing practical solutions that achieve the commercial results clients want.

Renowned for ‘bidder friendly’ support, one of Alison’s greatest achievements has to be her procurement advice to Faraday Developments.

Described as one of the UK’s most important procurement cases of recent years, Alison’s advice helped the company challenge a contract award for urban regeneration by West Berkshire Council. The challenge was a success and achieved the country’s first ever declaration of ineffectiveness and a landmark decision for development agreements and their procurement obligations.

Alison is also a skilled and experienced commercial lawyer, having worked in house in many sectors, notably the motor retail industry, supermarket retail and the Olympics.  She advises on a wide range of transactions from terms and conditions to full first and second generation outsourcing, agency, distribution and franchising.

Outside of work, Alison is kept incredibly busy with her two horses, three cats, two rabbits and dog, not to mention her two teenage daughters!

Alison Walton