Charities & Social Enterprise

Joanne Davison


18 years qualified

As a trustee of two local charities herself, Joanne has gained invaluable practical insight into how such organisations operate. And as well as being able to help them with their legal issues, she benefits from being strategically involved in all aspects of how they are run. Not only is this personally rewarding for Joanne, but it has also helped her to really understand the issues that charities face, and how such pressures impact upon them. So much so that she has provided bespoke training on governance issues, as well as the implications of the Charities Act 2011 and the Companies Act 2006.

Working with, and for, such charitable organisations has huge appeal for Joanne, who has always been keen to help groups which contribute to society in so many different ways. As a result she has acquired considerable experience in advising them on day-to-day governance and compliance issues, company and charity law, trading issues and the incorporation of trading subsidiaries. Over recent years she has assisted an increasing number of charities on reorganisations and mergers, and has been involved in a number of collaborative working projects.

As well as playing such a strong role for the good causes she helps, you could say that Joanne also plays the odd musical instrument or two. In fact she plays the violin, which is her main instrument, the viola, double bass, bass guitar, piano and kettle drums, which as a school girl she played on stage in the Royal Albert Hall. Guess we know who to turn to if we ever decide to put a Muckle orchestra together.

Joanne Davison