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Tanfield Food Company Secures Healthy Licensing Deal

7th Jul 2014 | Education

Following our help and advice, Tanfield Food Company has struck a deal to supply its products through the Rosemary Conley Food and Fitness brand.

Tanfield Food Company entered into the deal with Rosemary Conley after her companies fell into administration in 2014.  Tanfield will now manufacture and sell their own products utilising the fitness specialist’s brand following the relaunch of Rosemary Conley’s enterprises as a direct online only venture.

Our Commercial team assisted in negotiations with the administrators to create the licence arrangement along with providing the support and advice Tanfield needed to comprehend the deal documents.  As the deal progressed and changed throughout, we were able to help Tanfield negotiate the scope of the licence and secure the trademarks which the client required.

The deal enables Tanfield to sell licensed Rosemary Conley-branded food direct and introduce her network of customers to their new Illumi healthy eating food range.  These portion-controlled meals arrive at the customer’s door in a wide variety of dishes and encompass cuisine from all around the world.

Based in Consett, County Durham, Tanfield produces gourmet convenience foods made from high quality produce, utilising ingredients sourced from smaller local producers.  The recipes are cooked in pouches placed in steam pressure cookers.  The pouches store for months at room temperature and only need to be heated before serving.

Tanfield has previously worked with Rosemary Conley, providing the range of food offered prior to the switch to a direct online service.  Under the new deal, Tanfield will also be able to refer the existing client base to a new network of fitness classes managed by Club Vitality Limited.

For more information, help or advice please contact Alex Craig on 0191 211 7911.

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